30 October 2009


"I need you to understand something. I wrote this for you. I wrote this for you and only you. Everyone else who reads it, doesn't get it. They may think they get it, but they don't. This is the sign you've been looking for. You were meant to read these words."

These are the opening lines of the blog 'I Wrote This For You'... What exactly is this blog about? Search me, because according to it, I wouldn't understand.

The basic premise of the blog is to muse about an array of issues, in a pseudo-philosophical and poetic manner. This, the blog fulfils substantially. I find the blog quite appealing in it's ability to target only one person at a time and yet by the very act of being a blog, remain public. The blog allows you to carve your own meaning because the author (who is nameless) "wrote [it] for you and only you". At any one time when reading it, the only viewpoint that matters is your own.

What I don't like about the blog is that it focuses on the 'you' figure too much. Everything seems to revolve around it. Whether it is a means to motivate readers, to make them feel special or whatever - it gets quite irritating. Especially when some of the posts are as overused or cheesy as: "Forget the air. I'll breathe you instead". I can imagine a hero saying this to his love-interest, in a romantic black-and-white talkie, while jazz music plays in the background and they then proceed to kissing passionately - on the veranda... I could even take this image further but the point is it is too common.

But the blog makes up for it - USUALLY... Try it out. See what you think. It was written for you anyway. Who am I to judge?




Let me tell you what I did to keep my DP... Something that I've never done before. Are you ready? Are you on the edge of your seat? Because I was! I WATCHED MY FAVOURITE MOVIE UPSIDE-DOWN!

"Wow... What a let-down," you think. I'm sure it is. You might have been expecting that I went bungee jumping. Or maybe I set myself on fire. But sadly, this is not "Jackass" or any of its sequels. I don't get paid millions to f*** myself up. I get paid in stitches and pain. So I gave it a pass...

Rather, I took the lame-ass, "I really don't wanna get hurt before the exams" route and watched "The Butterfly Efffect" upside-down. Obviously, it was unpleasant. It was VERY unpleasant. I felt dizzy for most of the hour; I kept on laughing because people look so different upside-down - You would swear Ashton Kutcher was never an underwear model the way he looks upside-down - and I think I fell asleep somewhere in the middle. So all in all, it was a waste of a night. I'm definitely not trying that again.

I would have loved to pull some Jackass-esque stunt. Still do... Will you be my sponsor???

Battle Of The Sexes: A One-Sided Battle?

For the review of a blog I decided to check out the battle of the sexes blog.

A first look at the blog it looked dull with the writing standing alone looking like an essay that was waiting to be read. The way that the articles was written was alright but I felt that they didn’t follow the title of the course “I write what I like, I blog what I like” however it was good effort

The name of the blog . Battle of the sexes would imply a struggle between the male and the female in order to prove a superiority a bragging rights over the other .In this blog with a name like that there is no male representation which does not correspond with the name. This means that this battle of the sexes is a one sided battle and it doesn’t serve any justice to the name.

I do however like the journalistic approach they bought to stories but it would’ve been better if there perhaps had been a description on the side of the blog on what they were all about. The writers of the blog sounded professional and got their points across and they cannot be faulted for that.

In the end battle of the sexes is an alright blog but I had the sense that they did just what had to be done as in their latest stories there are a lack of pictures but in the beginning there seemed to be more. A decent blog but could have been a touch better

Keep on walking ladies...

Well this is my tutorial for journalism and we told that we had to do something that was unique and that we have not ever done before. Took me a while to decide what I was actually going to do, after thinking about it for a while I decided to do something simple. I decided I was going to spend some quality time with most of the ladies from Walker house (up the hill), that’s the residence that I lived in since February this year. I choose to do this activity because next month when I’m done with my exams, I’m leaving Rhodes University but most sadly I’m leaving Walker. Walker had became my home from home, and all the ladies from walker starting from the warden, sub-wardens, house comm, and the other ladies in general had turned into my family. I spent time in the common room with the ladies, just watching tv and talking forever with our never-ending conversations. I did not learn much from spending time with the ladies but I realised that I’m going to miss this part of my life very dearly but I’ve got to go and spread my wings. So sugarhoney says to all the walker ladies, Thank you for everything that we’ve been through, all the good fun times we had and also all the little arguments we had will be missed. And wherever I’ll be, I’ll make sure that I will keep on walking (**,).

Disturbing The Peace

The Scene : High Street


Objects: Vuvuzela!!!

Objective: Disturb The Peace

Reason : Preservation of the DP (Eish!!!)

I decided on this mission because at the time it seemed to be the most daring because who knows what could happen anything could have happened

I did this on a Monday Night very sober and sombre quit cold and decided that i would disturb Grahamstown on the sides where i could run if sh*t hit the fan.

30 seconds began i started blowing my instrument i went on for a while and while i was on 23 seconds i heard a door unlocking and the next thing that happened was....

Though the mission was objectively accomplished after my sprint i had an adrenalin rush, and it actually felt good to feel the rush of danger

So to my objective it was still

What is yellow about that?

What is yellow about that?

The Yellow Brick Rhode is a very dull and boring blog post that I came across to. Firstly I was disappointed because I was expecting something WOW and extraordinary since the name Yellow Brick Rhode sounded very unique to me. The blog has four creators who have contributed to the blog, but not everyone has contributed equally because the blog has only got nineteen posts on it. One contributor has contributed more than the others. The yellow brick Rhode’s mission statement was that they write about any news locally and internationally to keep their followers up to date. To my disappointment once again I realised that did not have one single internationally article, but all they articles were locally based. The template of the blog also does not do them any justice, they chose brown wall paper with little flower decorations, the creators themselves did not even spend a single second on updating their personal profiles and I see that as another big downfall. Some of the posts that they have written about are interesting (but not that interesting) and the other posts are just so-so. I feel as if this blog was not well taken care of, the creators did not spend adequate time on the blog. This blog could have great potential if every contributed fairly and took the time and initiative to add some articles and a little more photos to liven the blog. This blog needs its creators to be more attentive.

27 October 2009

The Legend Of The Fall Offs

Busta Rhymes
Legend Of The Fall Offs
The Big Bang 2006

The song is about the world of Entertainers and how they can be made and broken in an instant which makes one consider is the pursuit of being an entertainer a worthless ambition?

The song begins with a heart beating and the sounds of a grave being dug open. The voice of entertainment's grim reaper is heard, then the vocals begin (Do you ever think?/what life would be?/where you will go?/after you die)

Vanilla Ice,MC Hammer, Mr T,Mike Tyson,Shabba,Bobby Brown all these people were once adored by their fans,people used to actually go in crowds just to see them.Fast-forward to 2009 and no one but die-hard fans will even bother to ask them for an autograph or even look at them like they used to and this is the nature of entertainment(You know that time will come and nobody will check it/And everything you had is gone in the split of a second/That's when it starts hittin the fan and it gets real in this bitch/Just face the fact your shit's a wrap you gotta deal with the shit)

Imagine running from the grim reaper of fame... You know, like these people above, that the public has forgetten you for the sake of entertainment. And as the star you just keep lying to yourself as your number of friends grows smaller and you have to adjust your dreams to fit your current lot in life. (While all the people around you start to leave you in the same place/You overexert the litttle you have just to save face/You try to hide your expression from lookin worried /On what to do when your careers buried)

The dreams you had as a child begin to crumble as you are the entertainer. You remember those days when everyone gave a damn about you but now you are just a stranger in their world and it hurts.(You're only lyin to yourself it's evident in the proof/As your world continues to crumble, come to terms with the truth/You're still holdin on to them days when everything was about you/But Ni**gaz don't even remember enough to just shout you)

Is this a worthless ambition? The fact that one loses what one had; what one built - all lost in an instant! Because the greater public want to be entertained. The fact that an entertainer can experience extreme wealth and extreme poverty in one lifetime is mind boggling...


Reader you can decide...

The song ends with the grim reaper catching the entertainer(Busta Rhymes) and then saying how he is there to lay the entertainer to rest. Sounds of the entertainer falling in the casket and the lid being sealed proceed then the song ends with the sound of the grim reaper burying the entertainer alive.The entertainer's pleas and screams for the casket to be opened are ignored while the digging continues accompanied by the heavy breathing of entertainment's grim reaper... And the song fades out...

26 October 2009


Adopt one and get another one for free…just imagine if that was how adoption worked (LOL)! I think for some celebrities they did get one or two more free, just like Angelina Jolie. In the recent years we seen many celebrities adopting children from all the over the world but more specifically children from Africa who sometimes are affected or infected with HIV/AIDS. The first celebrity I can remember adopting an African child was Angelina.After her numerous celebrities also adopted or tried to adopt e.g. Madonna and Jennifer Aniston. Most of the time I ask myself if these celebrities adopting children are actually doing it genuinely or they doing it to make themselves look good to the general public. Fine adopting these children from Africa will secure them a bright future but what about the child’s history, heritage, culture and tradition. Obviously when the child is living in the States, he/ she won’t follow any rituals that maybe needed to be performed. I also ask myself how would I feel if I had white parents and I was black, I would at times feel out of place because of my skin colour regardless of how my parents treated me. I have nothing against adoption but I also wander why white people tend to adopt black babies? Okay probably there are plenty of black children in need for homes, but there are also white, Indian and even coloured children that need care. Maybe when I adopt I should get a white child…LOL

The Powerful Oprah: Music To Their Ears

I spilt tea on myself at an epiphany i had after a friend of mine asked “You know what i saw on Oprah?”(with a smile). I casually switched of the lights on that attempted enlightenment and with my own polite smile i replied “Hell No!” and continued on my way while maintaining a thought that gave birth to my opinion. Powerful Oprah means music to their ears as they hang on to her every word, pause, sneeze and fart. They clap giving a standing ovation like it’s the greatest thing they have ever heard apparently they are spiritually stimulated by this woman. All I see is mental penetration an example of mind control.”They” is all the viewers of Oprah Winfrey’s show and my reason for claiming mind control can be justified by some bizarre incidents on the Oprah show. In 2003 she had audience members do beyonce’s booty-hop; a 2006 episode had her showing her fascination in describing and analysing “poop” and finally recently in May 2009 Oprah was able to cause a riot at KFC with what they call an “overwhelming response”. The power exhibited by her is scary and while she is a positive role model to many which is respectable the passive yet controlling aspect she has on the minds of her viewers is scary. While the viewers have the freedom of choice the way she does things is clever to such an extent that she makes the viewer think that they are making their own decisions.

25 October 2009


Well, well... It seems it's necessary for me to clarify myself again. It seems that some of my posts are not as entertainment based as I would have liked them to be. Why, aren't they, you ask.

It's the Journ department's fault. They give us assignments that I find hard to join with our blog's regular biznaaaaaaaaaas. Ag... I can't really blame them hardcore because it is their job to make us work. Rest assured - ENTERTAINMENT IS OUR FOCUS. IT IS MY FOCUS TOO. I simply have to fulfil some other requirements too.

Watch out for our next entetainment post... It's on its way!!! And maybe this time you will get all three perspectives - HALA AT SUGAR-HONEY! YEP, ICE JUST CALLED YOU OUT!!! (EvIL LauGH)


Who knew that a mistaken action – namely clicking on one of the side-bar adverts while on Facebook – would lead me to one of the few things about which I have a strong opinion: the issue of IQ.

This is a matter in which I actually have a vested interest because being a student – there are times, sitting in the back (or the front) of a lecture theatre, listening intently to your lecturer, when you think: “What the hell are you talking about?” And you look around, expecting at least a few people to share your sentiments only to find, lo and behold, THEY ALL SEEM TO UNDERSTAND. You ask yourself: “What’s wrong with me? Is this section that difficult?” You sigh. You deliberate. You ponder... This has probably happened more than a few times in your life. But the actual issue is not whether you are smart enough to understand or not, it’s the fact that you doubt yourself in the first place.

In school, we were made to take IQ tests to help us choose our careers – I was told I should be a political analyst because my IQ score was above ‘average’. I HATE POLITICS! I think the main problem with IQ tests is that they are discriminatory. Firstly, most IQ tests are in English. Who is to say that a child would not perform better if the test was in his own language? IQ tests test only the things that a few ‘learned’ old men consider as important: mathematics, language, spatial recognition etc. A farmer may not know calculus but he knows the right time to plant his carrot crop, how to remove aphids without damaging his crops – and the list goes on.

With organisations such as Mensa, the Mega Society and the Omega Society around, claiming to have the most intelligent members in the world, you would expect that most of the developments in the world would come from their members. But all they do is sit around, discussing lofty ideas and telling people – not showing them – how clever they are. All this based on a biased test. Real progress comes from the man on the street, the journalist, the teacher... Real progress knows no IQ. To me, real progress is about heart. IQ TESTS ARE AN INSUFFICIENT MEANS TO QUANTIFY ALL THAT A MAN CAN BE THROUGH ALL THAT HE HAS BEEN.

21 October 2009

News Commentary

Rihanna is officially back and the long overdue wait for her next album is now over.People have going on crazy about jay-z’s latest album, every corner you turned you would hear every talking about D.O.A. Now jay-z’s time is over because his “mistress” Rihanna has also just released another ground breaking album this month. This twenty-one year old heroine (abuse from Chris brown check it here…) is excited about her new release & it is the first one after her tragic attack from her former boyfriend. The title of the new album is “Russian Roulette” and it is her fourth album. The lyrics in this album are vague and are keeping listeners guessing to what the real message is behind each track. The one track on the album has lyrics which say: “and then I get a scary thought”, those words might be her referring to when she used to get abused. Although this album is not hardcore and club rocking as her other albums, but we can be guaranteed that it is going to be great album since Rihanna worked alongside Neyo and Mr Jigger himself. I seriously can not wait to get myself the copy of this new album and hear what this beautiful, talented songstress has in store for us…For more on the latest album check out:

15 October 2009


Trevor Manuel, the ex-financial minister of South Africa has set tongues wagging with his out-of-character purchase of a BMW 750i costing over a million rand. To add to this faux pas, he ordered that it be custom fit with some ‘standard extras’ costing R 99, 200.

Really? Really? Wow! Can Trevor Manuel not be more of a hypocrite?! After telling the people of South Africa to be prudent, he goes and does this? It would have been better were we not in the throes of recession or if he was not advocating things to which he does not adhere. Then, he would simply be labelled a big spender or this may even have applied as a mistake: the car could always be taken back. But that is not the real story. Politicsweb reports that Manuel has joined a growing list of ministers who are buying expensive cars at the cost of the tax payers. Were we to sit down and calculate the total bill for ministerial vehicles, we would apparently come up with the sum of R 42, 612, 406.00.

What is so special about these cars? The purpose of any vehicle should be to take the passenger from point A to point B, not to teleport them or fly – which, judging from the millions of rands spent – these cars are apparently able to do. The ministers should rather try public transport, since they are always on about “getting closer to the people”. My amazement buds like a gigantic flower in an eternal Spring.

Jackson’s ghost to make AMA’s disappear

Michael Jackson being nominated for an American Music Award for 2009( from the grave is not in the spirit of recognizing of achievements that award shows were made for. The reasoning of giving him the award is not per the criteria of such an award show. It is true that many mourned Jackson’s death on June 25th.He is a legend; commonly known as “The King Of Pop” a title he has earned however his death is not a good enough reason to give him an AMA nomination and probable awards. The AMA criteria for awards is: Record Sales and Radio Airplay. While you can give Jackson Ticks here but if Jackson can get nominated because he has died and his sales have soured why not nominate Elvis or Bob Marley in previous years . Michael Jackson has plenty of AMA’s but he hasn’t released a full LP since 2001’s “Invincible” other exceptions would be his compilation; 2003’s “Number One’s” and the re-issued 25th Anniversary Of “Thriller” in 2007.Im expecting Jackson to have a clean sweep come November 22nd beating out 2009’s deserving artists like Eminem, Lady Gaga, T.I, Maxwell ,The Black Eyed Pea’s who have all moved mountains with their 2009 offerings doing this very much alive. To sum it up this decision is as pointless as a blunt pencil that lacks definition in it’s scribble.

09 October 2009

Nonjabulo Khuzwayo g09k4305

a comic strip!

The Rhodes We Travelled: The History of ICE

Caption Soundtrack:Jamie Foxx Ft T-Pain - Blame It

07 October 2009

Jay-Z "The Blueprint For......."?!

The say the blueprint is the design for many other creations specifically buildings or in this case an empire. Picture an old vintage building,still elegant,still tall but in dire need of the modern touch a renovation.Would this renovation be the BLUEPRINT 3.

>First album off Def Jam and First Roc Nation Album
> 11th Number 1 album breaking the record held by Elvis
>Sold an estimated 476,000 copies in its first week
>2nd best selling Hip Hop Album of 09 behind Em's Relapse
> MTV's Hottest MC for 2009


1.What We Talkin About Ft Luke Steele Produced by Kanye West & No I.D
2.Thank You Produced by Kanye West & No I.D
3.D.O.A Produced by Kanye West
4.Run This Town Feat Kanye West & Rihanna Produced by Kanye West & No I.D
5.Empire State OF Mind Feat Alicia Keyz Produced by Al Shux
6.Real As It Gets Feat Young Jeezy Produced by The Inkredibles
7.On To The Next One Feat Swizz Beatz Produced by Swizz Beatz
8.Off That Feat Drake Produced by Timbaland
9. A Star is Born Feat J.Cole Produced by Kanye West & No I.D
10.Venus vs Mars Feat Beyonce Produced by Timbaland
11.Already Home Feat Kid Cudi Produced by Kanye West & No I.D
12.Hate Feat Kanye West Produced by Kanye West
13.Reminder Produced by Timbaland
14.So Ambitious Feat Pharrell Williams Produced by The Neptunes
15.Young Forever Feat Mr Hudson Produced by Kanye West
Tea's Picks = Red


ICE went a little too hard on HOVE but that doesn't mean he is completely off.Looking at Jay-Z's legacy he has given you three classic albums that come to mind.Reasonable Doubt,The Blueprint & the Classic The Black Album.

In our Poll from the followers it seems the people are undecided with the half sayin "Crazy Old Fool Should Retire" 42% & the other half sayin Blueprint 3 "is da S.H.I.T" 42%; with the remainder say "Better Luck next time,Jigga"12%.

As Tea i find myself goin towards
"Crazy Old Fool Should Retire" . Hove's album lacks the hunger of a young up & comer or an old dog tryin to learn new tricks it's just the same old HOVE.
I gotta say up to track 6 the album is a decent listen and would be for any Jigga fan out there and then 11 & 14 for me personally but one common thing i have noticed is nobody likes the whole album which is rare thing for a Jay-Z album.

The blueprint 3 is a good attempt at running with the big dogs in music but with so much money and business ventures what could JIGGA talk about. Other than Death's of Auto Tune(D.O.A) & New York(Empire State Of Mind) & Daddy's Goin Hard(Venus vs Mars) and that track where The Game thought Jigga dissed him (What We Talkin About) .Jay-Z has nothing else that he could contribute to the minds of our everlasting.To all his fans ride out with him he might prove me wrong but don't wait to long you might come back to reality on foot.

Jay-Z should consider writing self help books much like 50 Cent's 50th law or even LL Cool j's Training Regime book or even freestyle tips or somethin but Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 just proves one thing. "Should have Faded to Black!" Sorry Hove.

06 October 2009


In this world of ours, it may seem that yet another blog focusing on the over-saturated entertainment segment of journalism is counter-productive to the core of what journalism should be. You probably believe we should be breaking new ground, investigating heavily or damn-near criticising more serious issues. We are journ students, so we should know better, right? WRONG...

The thing is, it is the very nature of entertainment news, viz. its over-saturation that allows it to be looked over, ignored or misrepresented. Many people (and I have witnessed this personally) simply copy and paste reviews, comments, articles and whatever else you can think of from one blog to another. Or from one website to another. They don't take the time to do their own research or to be critical.

This is where we come in. As journ students, it is potentially our life's work to be good, objective and fair journalists and that only starts with our wanting to be such while we are still students. So, to think that we may be dumbing things down by adopting to follow entertainment merely means that you (at this point in time) cannot see beyond the facade that is in front of you. You must not only try and look beyond that facade, but you should be able to explain why it's there in the first place. So, that's what we're aiming to do. We are, of course, still finding our feet as journalists - isn't that why we're students - but all we ask is for you to bear with us on our journey of enlightenment/betterment/progress - whatever you may want to call it. We are trying something different here, in order to remove ourselves from the habit that many of us acquire over years of conditioning: thinking linearly. We want to be lateral thinkers. Lateral-thinking journalists...

And it all begins here. Are you ready for S.H.I.T.?!

03 October 2009


#rublogs Jay-Z's "Blueprint 3". Da verdict is out from the ICE perpective. Peep dis:

Before Sugar-Honey, Tea and I bombard you with our honest opinions, we believe that in the interests of objective and fair journalism we must at least represent Jigga fairly.
Track List:
  1. What We Talkin' About
  2. Thank You
  3. D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)
  4. Run This Town
  5. Empire State of Mind
  6. Real As It Gets
  7. On To The Next One
  8. Off That
  9. A Star Is Born
  10. Venus VS. Mars
  11. Already Home
  12. Hate
  13. Reminder
  14. Young Forever

So here are some stats from (

  • Jay-Z has recorded a total of 16 albums

  • Many of them have reached the number 1 spot on the charts and stayed there for some time

  • Currently, "The Blueprint 3" is chillin' comfortably at no. 2 on the Billboard 200, no. 1 on the Rap Albums chart and no. 13 on the European chart.

  • The album has been on the charts for a total of 3 weeks.

Now... As a person, you should know that when a thing is good or bad, you're probably not the only one who can see that. So... Being the Ice-man, you not what opinion I'm going to have. All day, every day. But before I delve into the gunk that is "The Blueprint 3", some valued opinions from a few like-minded individuals:

From Culturebully (

"So what does 'innovation' look like to one of the greatest emcees of all time? Pretty much the same ol' sh*t, except with more synthesizers..."

"In hip-hop, 'that next level shit' is almost always based around how the music sounds... Very rarely do artists try to be innovative by saying something new..."

From Prefixmag (

"He's like a classic rock group (like, say, U2)... we expect him to keep delivering same-old, same-old new music.."

And finally, from (

"[Timbaland] the man who once provided the ultimate backdrop for Jay's futuristic flow sounds stuck in an early millenium time warp..."


Here we go folks:

So, my initial listen of the album went sportingly. I listened. I held my tongue. I was as good as good can be. But something became all too obvious: THIS ALBUM LACKS COHESION!

Sure Jigga's beats are sick. Sure he has the right to call himself one of the best rappers of all time. I hand him all these freebies. (cHeEkY grIN) But to have an album whose tracks are not at all related to each other is not what I'd consider worthy of the self-proclaimed 'best rapper alive'. (HAHA - NOTE THE QUALIFIER 'ALIVE'). From songs about New York, to a song about reminding people that he's still got his street edge - IT ALL DOESN'T ADD UP. Jigga goes from electro, to hardcore, to pseudo-soul, back to electro. This in itself is not bad - it worked well for Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool". But even that had a central theme/focal point of reference. Jigga's attempt is just all over the show.

Other than that, I can't hate on the old man much. Joe Camel - as he's called by most hip-hop headz because he can go on and on and on - has made a fair attempt at reinforcing his (somewhat imaginary) position as King of hip-hop. This SHOULD BE HIS LAST ALBUM. Any more after this will just be a waste of time and money. And I doubt that as an audience we're stupid enough to keep buying the same ol' gimmicks.

28 September 2009

What kind of blogger am I?


Sugar honey is here and that only means that things are about to get sweeter, nicer and tastier on S.H.I.T! Nonjabulo Khuzwayo aka Sugar honey is the princess or more like the Goddess of S.H.I.T (the only rose among the thorns). Just imagine drinking your tea without any sugar and having your cold beverage without any ice, your tea would be tasteless and your beverage would not be so refreshing. So Sugar honey is here to make each post desirable and appealing to the majority readers of S.H.I.T!

Sugar honey is a young beautiful, independent black soul sister who is very interesting, talkative, and very talented. She is pursuing her journalism career at Rhodes University doing her first year. She is a very determined person, who will do what ever it takes to get what she wants! She is a loyal, caring and honest person who happens to also be a friend, sister, daughter to other people and maybe a lover to some one (who knows? stick around to S.H.I.T and you might just found out). Sugar honey is a proudly South African citizen (Mzansi Rocks big time!) who is very patriotic to her country and cherishes it dearly because she believes that there is no other country in the world that has so much diversity as her country. Sugar honey has many dreams and aspirations but her biggest dream is that she wishes to be successful in what ever career she ends up in and wants to make a big name for herself.

Since sugar honey is the sweet one in the S.H.I.T (that is one unique group), she aims to have positive and empowering blogs that will inspire our readers. She promises to bring journalism that is hard hitting, fair and accurate (3rd degree style, .LOL), Okay, okay as the sweet person I am I obviously can not have hard-hitting blogs. But indeed my blogs will very insightful, interesting, easy to follow but most importantly sweet! Being part of the S.H.I.T blog will be interesting, because you will not only get one perspective but you will get three unique and different perspectives on one blog (we all know which one is honeyed). If you want the sweetest things in life, follow sugar honey on S.H.I.T!!!!

26 September 2009


We've been hearing a lot about Jay-Z's "Blueprint 3" on the streets. Is it good? Did he do it again? Is he writing history with the mike? (ROllinG on THe FlooR with LauGHter) I can't help but laugh... Whose history is he writing? So, (Cue HoRROr MuZak): WE'RE REVIEWING "BLUEPRINT 3". We'll see if hovey-hove aka Itz-ur-boi has done it again. Watch this space.

What Kind of blogger am I (Tea - The Becoming)

g09n2920 sihle ntuli
Welcome to Da S.H.I.T(Sugar-Honey.Ice.Tea)name is Tea;Ice or hot however you come at me.Some of the most life changing conversations come over a cup(or can) of tea offering a quench of thirst ,change of body temperature and perspective.The life without different perspectives is dull and uninteresting hence why the perfect average is found lying on the corridors of uncertainty while we moonwalk through them. I'm here to make you think hard about what i'm saying. Im here to make these words either slap you around or massage your points. My point is enlightenment whether iced or hot but still tea. Salutations to you let's talk about things over a cup(or can) of tea as i am the enlightening one.

As a follower of this blog you will either be swayed by sugar-honey or ice or be enlightened by my convo's. I do accept defeat but i do not lie down for the floor is dirty;i say let the minds sweat from battle with oozing juices of intellect giving birth to the rose of unique perspectives.

The blog name is an acronym which in my eyes is a metaphor for not accepting things at face value hence our different perspectives. My counter parts are first year journalism students much like myself. Sugar-honey & Ice have their views and i have mine just because; If the world shared eyes we would have been better of blind.Viewing the world It is clear to see that an emotional rollercoaster is before us. Here at Da S.H.I.T we ask ourselves our views on this as we look with diverse eyes and pupils unique in becoming learners of sight as our readers learn with us. I've seen media masterstrokes and flops while i give props for the attempt I define the flaw in my way while ice is just ICE! and sugar honey is well...sugar honey. All I say is let the sweet and the bitter battle away the voice of reason always pulls through.

As our focus is entertainment commentary the reader is open to an experience of a pyramid while at the center they can accept what they wish. If our readers were to come out with unique perspectives we would have enlightened them thus giving them a voice to verbally dig themselves out of the standard state of mind.

In closing i say let the tea run down your throat with heat from your chest leading you in the journey of enlightenment. Readers should come through because this is the only place on the globe where three is not a crowd it's Da S.H.I.T.

23 September 2009

What kind of blogger am I? (Not NICE, just ICE)

Bakhulule Maluleka 609M1417.

(Primal Scream) (Tongue Sticking Out) (Hearty Chuckle) – These are my asides. As a follower of this blog, you will get used to these, because they tend to communicate more than what is written down. In trying to overcome the imaginative barrier between words and gestures that print sometimes necessitates, the asides function as my ‘virtual face’. “Why the need for a ‘virtual face’?” you ask. Because my real face has a life of its own. The ‘virtual face’ has a ‘virtual body’, ‘virtual heart’ and ‘virtual mind’: his name is ICE. He says it’s nice to meet you. It’s seldom that he’s so nice – just as his name suggests, he tends to be icy. He’s the mean one.

The blog’s name is Sugar Honey Ice Tea (S.H.I.T) and it represents the avatars you will encounter on this blog. As first-year journalism students, Sugar-Honey, Tea and I have a unique outlook on the world. We think that some of the media we are exposed to is at times irrelevant, inappropriate or plain useless – while other media is well-written, clearly-defined and gives the reader a great deal of knowledge. What we seek to do is gather all the types of media we find interesting and comment on them. But our main concern is not going about it willy-nilly – we want to focus on entertainment news. Entertainment news is a broad category, so over time, we will try and narrow it down to specific media products – but for now, we’re more interested in defining our virtual avatars’ personalities. And this can only be achieved through audience interaction.

So WE ASK YOU AS OUR READERS TO COMMENT on anything that you find comment-worthy. Since all three of the avatars will have different viewpoints, this should not be too difficult. If you don’t agree with Sugar-Honey’s positive reviews (maybe they’re too sweet for your liking), you can disagree with Ice (he can take it) – or you can be neutral like Tea. Our aim: to begin an interactive exchange between most readers of our blog in order to get them to start viewing issues from more than one or two perspectives. If readers can start thinking of issues more critically and not just accept everything that’s handed to them, we will have done our jobs. Also, we believe that as journalism students it’s important that we develop ways to voice our opinions without feeling as if we will be punished or scrutinised. But as with all things, please keep the comments clean. Other than that, there are no rules!

I now leave you in the very capable (yet somewhat frigid) hands of ICE (and the team).