28 September 2009

What kind of blogger am I?


Sugar honey is here and that only means that things are about to get sweeter, nicer and tastier on S.H.I.T! Nonjabulo Khuzwayo aka Sugar honey is the princess or more like the Goddess of S.H.I.T (the only rose among the thorns). Just imagine drinking your tea without any sugar and having your cold beverage without any ice, your tea would be tasteless and your beverage would not be so refreshing. So Sugar honey is here to make each post desirable and appealing to the majority readers of S.H.I.T!

Sugar honey is a young beautiful, independent black soul sister who is very interesting, talkative, and very talented. She is pursuing her journalism career at Rhodes University doing her first year. She is a very determined person, who will do what ever it takes to get what she wants! She is a loyal, caring and honest person who happens to also be a friend, sister, daughter to other people and maybe a lover to some one (who knows? stick around to S.H.I.T and you might just found out). Sugar honey is a proudly South African citizen (Mzansi Rocks big time!) who is very patriotic to her country and cherishes it dearly because she believes that there is no other country in the world that has so much diversity as her country. Sugar honey has many dreams and aspirations but her biggest dream is that she wishes to be successful in what ever career she ends up in and wants to make a big name for herself.

Since sugar honey is the sweet one in the S.H.I.T (that is one unique group), she aims to have positive and empowering blogs that will inspire our readers. She promises to bring journalism that is hard hitting, fair and accurate (3rd degree style, .LOL), Okay, okay as the sweet person I am I obviously can not have hard-hitting blogs. But indeed my blogs will very insightful, interesting, easy to follow but most importantly sweet! Being part of the S.H.I.T blog will be interesting, because you will not only get one perspective but you will get three unique and different perspectives on one blog (we all know which one is honeyed). If you want the sweetest things in life, follow sugar honey on S.H.I.T!!!!

26 September 2009


We've been hearing a lot about Jay-Z's "Blueprint 3" on the streets. Is it good? Did he do it again? Is he writing history with the mike? (ROllinG on THe FlooR with LauGHter) I can't help but laugh... Whose history is he writing? So, (Cue HoRROr MuZak): WE'RE REVIEWING "BLUEPRINT 3". We'll see if hovey-hove aka Itz-ur-boi has done it again. Watch this space.

What Kind of blogger am I (Tea - The Becoming)

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Welcome to Da S.H.I.T(Sugar-Honey.Ice.Tea)name is Tea;Ice or hot however you come at me.Some of the most life changing conversations come over a cup(or can) of tea offering a quench of thirst ,change of body temperature and perspective.The life without different perspectives is dull and uninteresting hence why the perfect average is found lying on the corridors of uncertainty while we moonwalk through them. I'm here to make you think hard about what i'm saying. Im here to make these words either slap you around or massage your points. My point is enlightenment whether iced or hot but still tea. Salutations to you let's talk about things over a cup(or can) of tea as i am the enlightening one.

As a follower of this blog you will either be swayed by sugar-honey or ice or be enlightened by my convo's. I do accept defeat but i do not lie down for the floor is dirty;i say let the minds sweat from battle with oozing juices of intellect giving birth to the rose of unique perspectives.

The blog name is an acronym which in my eyes is a metaphor for not accepting things at face value hence our different perspectives. My counter parts are first year journalism students much like myself. Sugar-honey & Ice have their views and i have mine just because; If the world shared eyes we would have been better of blind.Viewing the world It is clear to see that an emotional rollercoaster is before us. Here at Da S.H.I.T we ask ourselves our views on this as we look with diverse eyes and pupils unique in becoming learners of sight as our readers learn with us. I've seen media masterstrokes and flops while i give props for the attempt I define the flaw in my way while ice is just ICE! and sugar honey is well...sugar honey. All I say is let the sweet and the bitter battle away the voice of reason always pulls through.

As our focus is entertainment commentary the reader is open to an experience of a pyramid while at the center they can accept what they wish. If our readers were to come out with unique perspectives we would have enlightened them thus giving them a voice to verbally dig themselves out of the standard state of mind.

In closing i say let the tea run down your throat with heat from your chest leading you in the journey of enlightenment. Readers should come through because this is the only place on the globe where three is not a crowd it's Da S.H.I.T.

23 September 2009

What kind of blogger am I? (Not NICE, just ICE)

Bakhulule Maluleka 609M1417.

(Primal Scream) (Tongue Sticking Out) (Hearty Chuckle) – These are my asides. As a follower of this blog, you will get used to these, because they tend to communicate more than what is written down. In trying to overcome the imaginative barrier between words and gestures that print sometimes necessitates, the asides function as my ‘virtual face’. “Why the need for a ‘virtual face’?” you ask. Because my real face has a life of its own. The ‘virtual face’ has a ‘virtual body’, ‘virtual heart’ and ‘virtual mind’: his name is ICE. He says it’s nice to meet you. It’s seldom that he’s so nice – just as his name suggests, he tends to be icy. He’s the mean one.

The blog’s name is Sugar Honey Ice Tea (S.H.I.T) and it represents the avatars you will encounter on this blog. As first-year journalism students, Sugar-Honey, Tea and I have a unique outlook on the world. We think that some of the media we are exposed to is at times irrelevant, inappropriate or plain useless – while other media is well-written, clearly-defined and gives the reader a great deal of knowledge. What we seek to do is gather all the types of media we find interesting and comment on them. But our main concern is not going about it willy-nilly – we want to focus on entertainment news. Entertainment news is a broad category, so over time, we will try and narrow it down to specific media products – but for now, we’re more interested in defining our virtual avatars’ personalities. And this can only be achieved through audience interaction.

So WE ASK YOU AS OUR READERS TO COMMENT on anything that you find comment-worthy. Since all three of the avatars will have different viewpoints, this should not be too difficult. If you don’t agree with Sugar-Honey’s positive reviews (maybe they’re too sweet for your liking), you can disagree with Ice (he can take it) – or you can be neutral like Tea. Our aim: to begin an interactive exchange between most readers of our blog in order to get them to start viewing issues from more than one or two perspectives. If readers can start thinking of issues more critically and not just accept everything that’s handed to them, we will have done our jobs. Also, we believe that as journalism students it’s important that we develop ways to voice our opinions without feeling as if we will be punished or scrutinised. But as with all things, please keep the comments clean. Other than that, there are no rules!

I now leave you in the very capable (yet somewhat frigid) hands of ICE (and the team).