30 October 2009

Battle Of The Sexes: A One-Sided Battle?

For the review of a blog I decided to check out the battle of the sexes blog.

A first look at the blog it looked dull with the writing standing alone looking like an essay that was waiting to be read. The way that the articles was written was alright but I felt that they didn’t follow the title of the course “I write what I like, I blog what I like” however it was good effort

The name of the blog . Battle of the sexes would imply a struggle between the male and the female in order to prove a superiority a bragging rights over the other .In this blog with a name like that there is no male representation which does not correspond with the name. This means that this battle of the sexes is a one sided battle and it doesn’t serve any justice to the name.

I do however like the journalistic approach they bought to stories but it would’ve been better if there perhaps had been a description on the side of the blog on what they were all about. The writers of the blog sounded professional and got their points across and they cannot be faulted for that.

In the end battle of the sexes is an alright blog but I had the sense that they did just what had to be done as in their latest stories there are a lack of pictures but in the beginning there seemed to be more. A decent blog but could have been a touch better