26 October 2009

The Powerful Oprah: Music To Their Ears

I spilt tea on myself at an epiphany i had after a friend of mine asked “You know what i saw on Oprah?”(with a smile). I casually switched of the lights on that attempted enlightenment and with my own polite smile i replied “Hell No!” and continued on my way while maintaining a thought that gave birth to my opinion. Powerful Oprah means music to their ears as they hang on to her every word, pause, sneeze and fart. They clap giving a standing ovation like it’s the greatest thing they have ever heard apparently they are spiritually stimulated by this woman. All I see is mental penetration an example of mind control.”They” is all the viewers of Oprah Winfrey’s show and my reason for claiming mind control can be justified by some bizarre incidents on the Oprah show. In 2003 she had audience members do beyonce’s booty-hop; a 2006 episode had her showing her fascination in describing and analysing “poop” and finally recently in May 2009 Oprah was able to cause a riot at KFC with what they call an “overwhelming response”. The power exhibited by her is scary and while she is a positive role model to many which is respectable the passive yet controlling aspect she has on the minds of her viewers is scary. While the viewers have the freedom of choice the way she does things is clever to such an extent that she makes the viewer think that they are making their own decisions.