07 October 2009

Jay-Z "The Blueprint For......."?!

The say the blueprint is the design for many other creations specifically buildings or in this case an empire. Picture an old vintage building,still elegant,still tall but in dire need of the modern touch a renovation.Would this renovation be the BLUEPRINT 3.

>First album off Def Jam and First Roc Nation Album
> 11th Number 1 album breaking the record held by Elvis
>Sold an estimated 476,000 copies in its first week
>2nd best selling Hip Hop Album of 09 behind Em's Relapse
> MTV's Hottest MC for 2009


1.What We Talkin About Ft Luke Steele Produced by Kanye West & No I.D
2.Thank You Produced by Kanye West & No I.D
3.D.O.A Produced by Kanye West
4.Run This Town Feat Kanye West & Rihanna Produced by Kanye West & No I.D
5.Empire State OF Mind Feat Alicia Keyz Produced by Al Shux
6.Real As It Gets Feat Young Jeezy Produced by The Inkredibles
7.On To The Next One Feat Swizz Beatz Produced by Swizz Beatz
8.Off That Feat Drake Produced by Timbaland
9. A Star is Born Feat J.Cole Produced by Kanye West & No I.D
10.Venus vs Mars Feat Beyonce Produced by Timbaland
11.Already Home Feat Kid Cudi Produced by Kanye West & No I.D
12.Hate Feat Kanye West Produced by Kanye West
13.Reminder Produced by Timbaland
14.So Ambitious Feat Pharrell Williams Produced by The Neptunes
15.Young Forever Feat Mr Hudson Produced by Kanye West
Tea's Picks = Red


ICE went a little too hard on HOVE but that doesn't mean he is completely off.Looking at Jay-Z's legacy he has given you three classic albums that come to mind.Reasonable Doubt,The Blueprint & the Classic The Black Album.

In our Poll from the followers it seems the people are undecided with the half sayin "Crazy Old Fool Should Retire" 42% & the other half sayin Blueprint 3 "is da S.H.I.T" 42%; with the remainder say "Better Luck next time,Jigga"12%.

As Tea i find myself goin towards
"Crazy Old Fool Should Retire" . Hove's album lacks the hunger of a young up & comer or an old dog tryin to learn new tricks it's just the same old HOVE.
I gotta say up to track 6 the album is a decent listen and would be for any Jigga fan out there and then 11 & 14 for me personally but one common thing i have noticed is nobody likes the whole album which is rare thing for a Jay-Z album.

The blueprint 3 is a good attempt at running with the big dogs in music but with so much money and business ventures what could JIGGA talk about. Other than Death's of Auto Tune(D.O.A) & New York(Empire State Of Mind) & Daddy's Goin Hard(Venus vs Mars) and that track where The Game thought Jigga dissed him (What We Talkin About) .Jay-Z has nothing else that he could contribute to the minds of our everlasting.To all his fans ride out with him he might prove me wrong but don't wait to long you might come back to reality on foot.

Jay-Z should consider writing self help books much like 50 Cent's 50th law or even LL Cool j's Training Regime book or even freestyle tips or somethin but Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 just proves one thing. "Should have Faded to Black!" Sorry Hove.