15 October 2009

Jackson’s ghost to make AMA’s disappear

Michael Jackson being nominated for an American Music Award for 2009( from the grave is not in the spirit of recognizing of achievements that award shows were made for. The reasoning of giving him the award is not per the criteria of such an award show. It is true that many mourned Jackson’s death on June 25th.He is a legend; commonly known as “The King Of Pop” a title he has earned however his death is not a good enough reason to give him an AMA nomination and probable awards. The AMA criteria for awards is: Record Sales and Radio Airplay. While you can give Jackson Ticks here but if Jackson can get nominated because he has died and his sales have soured why not nominate Elvis or Bob Marley in previous years . Michael Jackson has plenty of AMA’s but he hasn’t released a full LP since 2001’s “Invincible” other exceptions would be his compilation; 2003’s “Number One’s” and the re-issued 25th Anniversary Of “Thriller” in 2007.Im expecting Jackson to have a clean sweep come November 22nd beating out 2009’s deserving artists like Eminem, Lady Gaga, T.I, Maxwell ,The Black Eyed Pea’s who have all moved mountains with their 2009 offerings doing this very much alive. To sum it up this decision is as pointless as a blunt pencil that lacks definition in it’s scribble.