06 October 2009


In this world of ours, it may seem that yet another blog focusing on the over-saturated entertainment segment of journalism is counter-productive to the core of what journalism should be. You probably believe we should be breaking new ground, investigating heavily or damn-near criticising more serious issues. We are journ students, so we should know better, right? WRONG...

The thing is, it is the very nature of entertainment news, viz. its over-saturation that allows it to be looked over, ignored or misrepresented. Many people (and I have witnessed this personally) simply copy and paste reviews, comments, articles and whatever else you can think of from one blog to another. Or from one website to another. They don't take the time to do their own research or to be critical.

This is where we come in. As journ students, it is potentially our life's work to be good, objective and fair journalists and that only starts with our wanting to be such while we are still students. So, to think that we may be dumbing things down by adopting to follow entertainment merely means that you (at this point in time) cannot see beyond the facade that is in front of you. You must not only try and look beyond that facade, but you should be able to explain why it's there in the first place. So, that's what we're aiming to do. We are, of course, still finding our feet as journalists - isn't that why we're students - but all we ask is for you to bear with us on our journey of enlightenment/betterment/progress - whatever you may want to call it. We are trying something different here, in order to remove ourselves from the habit that many of us acquire over years of conditioning: thinking linearly. We want to be lateral thinkers. Lateral-thinking journalists...

And it all begins here. Are you ready for S.H.I.T.?!