27 October 2009

The Legend Of The Fall Offs

Busta Rhymes
Legend Of The Fall Offs
The Big Bang 2006

The song is about the world of Entertainers and how they can be made and broken in an instant which makes one consider is the pursuit of being an entertainer a worthless ambition?

The song begins with a heart beating and the sounds of a grave being dug open. The voice of entertainment's grim reaper is heard, then the vocals begin (Do you ever think?/what life would be?/where you will go?/after you die)

Vanilla Ice,MC Hammer, Mr T,Mike Tyson,Shabba,Bobby Brown all these people were once adored by their fans,people used to actually go in crowds just to see them.Fast-forward to 2009 and no one but die-hard fans will even bother to ask them for an autograph or even look at them like they used to and this is the nature of entertainment(You know that time will come and nobody will check it/And everything you had is gone in the split of a second/That's when it starts hittin the fan and it gets real in this bitch/Just face the fact your shit's a wrap you gotta deal with the shit)

Imagine running from the grim reaper of fame... You know, like these people above, that the public has forgetten you for the sake of entertainment. And as the star you just keep lying to yourself as your number of friends grows smaller and you have to adjust your dreams to fit your current lot in life. (While all the people around you start to leave you in the same place/You overexert the litttle you have just to save face/You try to hide your expression from lookin worried /On what to do when your careers buried)

The dreams you had as a child begin to crumble as you are the entertainer. You remember those days when everyone gave a damn about you but now you are just a stranger in their world and it hurts.(You're only lyin to yourself it's evident in the proof/As your world continues to crumble, come to terms with the truth/You're still holdin on to them days when everything was about you/But Ni**gaz don't even remember enough to just shout you)

Is this a worthless ambition? The fact that one loses what one had; what one built - all lost in an instant! Because the greater public want to be entertained. The fact that an entertainer can experience extreme wealth and extreme poverty in one lifetime is mind boggling...


Reader you can decide...

The song ends with the grim reaper catching the entertainer(Busta Rhymes) and then saying how he is there to lay the entertainer to rest. Sounds of the entertainer falling in the casket and the lid being sealed proceed then the song ends with the sound of the grim reaper burying the entertainer alive.The entertainer's pleas and screams for the casket to be opened are ignored while the digging continues accompanied by the heavy breathing of entertainment's grim reaper... And the song fades out...