21 October 2009

News Commentary

Rihanna is officially back and the long overdue wait for her next album is now over.People have going on crazy about jay-z’s latest album, every corner you turned you would hear every talking about D.O.A. Now jay-z’s time is over because his “mistress” Rihanna has also just released another ground breaking album this month. This twenty-one year old heroine (abuse from Chris brown check it here…) is excited about her new release & it is the first one after her tragic attack from her former boyfriend. The title of the new album is “Russian Roulette” and it is her fourth album. The lyrics in this album are vague and are keeping listeners guessing to what the real message is behind each track. The one track on the album has lyrics which say: “and then I get a scary thought”, those words might be her referring to when she used to get abused. Although this album is not hardcore and club rocking as her other albums, but we can be guaranteed that it is going to be great album since Rihanna worked alongside Neyo and Mr Jigger himself. I seriously can not wait to get myself the copy of this new album and hear what this beautiful, talented songstress has in store for us…For more on the latest album check out: